Imagine going on holiday to some of the most exclusive destinations money can buy. From the Seychelles to Barbados, this documentary series goes away with millionaire clients on made-to-measure holidays and behind the scenes at a luxury tour operator and their extraordinary efforts to try and provide seven-star holidays across the globe.
In the Caribbean, we meet party girl Jane. Since selling her business 12 years ago, Jane decided to retire with partner Michael and spend the rest of her days on holiday. This year’s first holiday – the couple went on 12 last year – begins with a sumptuous Christmas cruise around the Caribbean islands. From haute couture dress shopping to partying hard at the Champagne Splash, the cruise’s legendary champagne and caviar party on the beach, Jane is as determined as ever to never grow old gracefully.
Mervyn and Heather, on the other hand, just want a quiet life. Working all year on their Somerset fruit farm, they dream of ten precious days away in one of the most prestigious hotels in Jamaica. Back for their seventh visit, they’ve found paradise, sitting on the beach and doing nothing. But this year, things are changing. Samantha, their daughter, is coming along too and she’s got plans to get them up off the sun loungers and beyond the hotel grounds.
At the tour operator’s offices, new girl Kelsey has swapped working in Thomas Cook for trying to create paradise on earth for her clients. Along with colleagues Natalie and Holly, the girls are on a research trip to North Island in the Seychelles, the honeymoon destination of choice for Will and Kate and one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world.
Welcome to the Millionaires’ Holiday Club.

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