You’d have to be stupid or rich – or both – to buy a night here.

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  1. Kasilvian Tiger

    Boring!!! (All the talks about money and rich people) URGGHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Blue Robo101

    If you had enough money to stay for 2 days and souvenirs
    Would you rather invite your classmates to come
    Or come with your family?

  3. Fadzilicious

    If some rich kid is watching this to find a hotel for himself to stay in and not just because you want to see how rich people can afford to live, then please im right here donate a couple of million to me, please :D

  4. Farting On Stuff

    That's not that much. I charge $80 million per night at my hotel. Didn't have any customers yet, but technically more expensive than this.

  5. zoinks shaggy

    When I was a kid. My dad bought a big house on the top of the hill. 12K sq feet and has 4 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. My mom used to always say "Luxury is space!" I never really understood what that meant until I grew up. I haven't talked to them in over 10 years, but they still live in that place. I wonder what it looks like today?

  6. Thomas Bolinger

    These things even existing is exactly why our world is so fucked up.

  7. Play-Doh

    So I did the math… If bill gates, with his (roughly) 80 billion dollar net worth, wanted to stay here as long as he could, he has enough wealth to stay here about 1 million days… That's 3773 years… That isn't even counting the future growth of his net worth…

  8. Lightz Shadow

    Why is this video in the category of Education, this is fucking advertisement.

  9. TheLamo

    Everyone is saying people who stay here are stupid but they're not. 80,000 is like 1,000 to the people who stay in these hotels. .


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