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  1. stefftotheleft

    It's confusing that a smaller and less luxurious room in New York will cost you 30-50 g and yet these opulent amazing rooms in Paris and Dubai are only 15 G. Not that I could afford that! just saying….

  2. samirriani

    one time I was in a so called 4 stars hotel, but EVERYTHING was bad, the food, was no quality or a lot of choose, the towles were old and not new, the floor wasn't super clean, the sevice was BAD,…..BUT one thing was AMAZING, and than I realised why they get 4stars in that hotel in greece….// the view from your swimming pool was on a high mountain, and you could see the ocean froma distance, no limit view, with hotles in the distance or houses, villas,…..AMAZING view, from your swimming pool, ….amazing experience …..-)

  3. Marquies

    You forgot the Fairmont Hotel's penthouse suite in San Fransisco. There are three large bedrooms, a living room with grand piano, a formal dining room, a professional-grade kitchen, a two-story circular library crowned by a rotunda where a celestial map is rendered in gold leaf against a sapphire sky, and an expansive terrace with sweeping views of San Francisco. $18,000.

  4. Photours di Daniele Comoglio

    Call me to take photos of these amazing hotels. I'll give you my soul :P

  5. Ko-wing wong

    Bullet proof windows to keep you safe until a fire is outside of your room and you cant escape bitches

  6. Che Debnam

    i may as well turn my house into my personal resort since I will be paying mortgage on a 1 night stay

  7. Mr.Francis 47

    yeah guys im thinking to make a reservation on Palms casino or four seasons , decisons , oh man my life sucks

  8. Samer Budair

    WHAT ABOUT THE BURJ KHALIFA and also the Atlantis hotel is not in the Bahamas its on Dubai I've been there myself

  9. rthelionheart

    Imperial units are so awkward, they are even difficult to understand.

  10. Craig Mac

    Yeah. I scope out all the Motel 6's on Booking.com when I travel. They leave the light on for you. That's enough luxury service for me.


    Royal Suite at Woodrow Wilsin Hotel is $83,200 a night thus it is the most expensive room.

  12. Jason Soto

    i can stay in each of these places for about 20 years if i stay in all of them


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