The palace luxury resorts, a breathtaking high down that brings you close to nature. The palace, built to the vast 200 plus acres of lash green hilly land located at bahubal, Habiganj. Behind the glossal gate of splendid craftsmanship lays your own palace of splendor. It is a bold of its own, because of its exquisite attention. The tower building is elegantly dressed in modern and futuristic furniture. Walking or riding towards the tower building, observing its rich amenities is the best way to begin your stay at this remarkable resort. The banquet hall is equipped with world class facilities to organize any corporate or personal event. To relax in the supreme calmness of the body and soap the palace unfolds an experience of sublime combination of spa and the only infinity pool in the country.The resort has indoor gaming facility. Snookers and billiard boards are also available. The most unique and mesmerizing feature in the palace is the 3d Cineplex.Villas lassoed in the lap of nature would give you a sense of ultimate tranquility and privacy. All villas are tale a made to meet your world traughting expectation. Newlywed couples can experience the shower of nature, beauty of calmness and complete privacy in the honeymoon villa. Two presidential villas have been exclusively designed with the highest level of uniqueness that those who liked to be privileged and rise in to prominence. And the water front restaurant you can enjoy the view of the lake through its transparent glass and casing.The palace provides helicopter communication service to give you a bird’s eye view of the tea garden. Golf course and power car, the only resort in Bangladesh which has its own golf course to cater the elite of the society.To add extra fun the palace gives you plenty of outdoor games options.The mosque is a rare architectural beauty with few equals in the world.If you seek a holiday of the beaten track away from congested town and stuffy hotels then the palace is your kingdom.Come, live the palace life.

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  1. Aley Begum

    I went from new york and went to stay there for 2 days it was 72,000 for 2 days it was just awesome i love it when ever i go i will go to that resort

  2. Suhel Miah

    FME came looking for Luxury 5 Star holidays in the land of birth and I the fake ass pile of crap.TELETUBBY

  3. Rabeya Begum


  4. mamun abed

    The Heaven of Bangladesh
    Everybody is requested to have the experience…..

  5. Md masudul Alam

    I'm so proud that my country has all the opportunity n facilities to welcome foreigners…inspite of some negative sides….I'm proud of my beautiful Bangladesh n my nationality….

  6. suss tek

    How could you feel right staying in such opulance when there is so much poverty in bangldesh ?

  7. invisiblegeeza

    this is all cgi / 3d modelling. Do we have any actual footage?

  8. Jackie87Cool

    Definitely not the only 5 star resort in Bangladesh and not the only resort with its own golf course. Grand Sultan actually won the Luxury Golf Resort category in the World Luxury Hotel Awards this year. Other than those misconceptions, this place looks pretty cool. 


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