A documentary on the ten most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world, featuring: Dubai World Central Airport (United Arab Emirates); Songdo International Business District (South Korea); Tokyo-Osaka Maglev Train (Japan); Masdar City (United Arab Emirates); The Grand Canal (Nicaragua); National Trunk Highway System (China); International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor [ITER] – Fusion (France); World’s Tallest Building (Azerbaijan); Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (India); King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia).

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29 Responses

  1. ohedd

    I bet Abdullah economic city will not work. Cities aren't designed by city planners. They grow from the bottom up and are designed based on the needs of the people occupying it. If he expects to simply transplant people there, and have them live the way the city planners have envisaged then he's going to have a rude awakening. Cities don't work like that.

  2. ohedd

    So is there any reason to believe UAE will not just turn into a ghost town once there is no more oil?

  3. Felix

    All fake and bullshits except SongDo. SongDo is actually there in South Korea.

  4. Rishabh Kohli

    none of these projects will be able to finish as ww3 will occur first

  5. Mega Hamartolos

    Bryce Plank's pronunciation, particularly of "Chuo Shinkansen," is atrocious.

  6. saintvictorie

    this made me look forward for the future and start building my life.

  7. Αλεξία Γκούμα

    thanks for the knowledge you shared. Only the "ITER" project gives me a glint of optimism for the future, all others is nothing that can excite me. Instead, they do scare me. I think that first of all we must do something to stop the increase of earth population, it's a disaster..

  8. Meme War

    Watching this gives me hope for humanity's future but then I turn on the news and see the Trump-marathon.

  9. Mercedes Tau


  10. Victor Luís Vital Martins

    All I see is a few ridicoulously rich people showing off their Money by building huge and awful stuff… almost none of this projects are thought to improve life on planet, fighting deseases or hunger… It is really sad

  11. Jeffrey Lebowski

    These Saudis basterds only have money, nothing else. And they spending their life in decency and gluttony and wasting all their money for stupid and useless swank objects. They did NOT contribute anything efficient to culture, science or moral. Instead just construct empty hulls of cities, without a soul… and upon that still mentally living in the middle age. Suppressing their women and killing homosexuals.

  12. 13minutestomidnight

    "Social media fuelled revolution" Pfffttt hahahahahahaha. Ahhh…no, that's not fair. In poor countries, social media is a way for people to connect and empower themselves somewhat, but honestly social media has never significantly done anything in the West except foster pointless arguments, social dynamics similar to highshool, and a very very small percentage of educational and research-based collaboration (let's just say the number of people using social media so they can be assholes to other people while being removed from social consequence is pretty large).

    "Global community" is very presumptive considering how little people in the West care about genuinely helping and involving themselves in the plight of others (even far back as Rwanda people haven't and it's much worse now) – typing a few sentences of support on social media does not count. However, the general public of the West aren't alone in this. America's government is leading the way in Western countries listening less and less to their people and what is good for them, and being more and more swayed by capitalism-driven decisions and corporate funding – time will tell if the rest of the world and its people will follow suit with Western culture and social ethics.

    This is a very well thought out and researched summation, with many interesting projects being succinctly explained, including many interesting ideas and a relatively neutral and objective viewpoint. It's very good. Except for the bit about fissionable nuclear power, which basically copies Greenpeace's badly researched point of view even though today's nuclear fission is the safest and cleanest form of energy production in the world, especially for its amount per capita. On a last note, considering the current state of America, though, I did find the bit about the Nicaragua canal really really funny and ironic… and sad.

    EDIT: huh. I apparently watched and commented on this before. Wow, my memory is fractured. In any case, apologies to the uploader, but I don't think it marginally matters enough for me to bother deleting this. THis post applies to how things are now in 2017, which is an interesting comparison to when this vid was made in 2014 in any case.

  13. amazingrevelations

    i wonder if they find remains of itur in 4000 years, they gonne think they are tombs for presidents.

  14. dong9

    so we can make space craft travel cross the solar system but we cant make fresh water out of ocean water?


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