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  1. rhcpemma1990

    that's right, just because we're not rich doesn't mean we don't have….Oh i can't even finish. I want to be rich!

  2. Afnan Sleem

    Wooooooow this is the most beauitiful place on record that the is a wonderful place Its amazing???

  3. samirriani

    I guess, you get better service than in ………..fawlty towers, and they have more skillz than basil, …..and manuel desn't work in dhubai, but in barcelona ….)

  4. Natan Shlomo Valadez

    The staff will never in all their lives be able to afford one hour here.

  5. Natan Shlomo Valadez

    My Grandfather was once so wealthy staying at a hotel like this would not have been an issue. He gave most of his money away to create jobs instead. Anyone who can afford a years salary a night at this hotel has a responsibility, no a duty, to use it for the benefit of others.

  6. LicMaiNutts

    wheres the part where the couple fights about the 10,000 dollar per night room charge?

  7. Mani

    if i had chance to go this hotal i should bring poor little kids with me, wow it could be amazing to see how will they react and play.. everyone deserve for everything.

  8. Bill James

    Working class white people on welfare could never afford to stay in this hotel.

  9. Abood Alhosani

    Lol none have a hotel like this from you only Dubai and… Your saying to it bad things

  10. Astrafalustre

    I wouldn't feel comfortable at all, with so many enemies around giving me their sly smile. I'd expect to be stabbed or poisoned anytime.


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