There are some little best kept hotel industry secrets that they really don’t want you to know. From how to get the best deals to getting the best value for your …

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  1. thebeausoleilXO

    do any of these apply for hotels in the U.S.?

    the valet service honestly applies to all places where it's offered, unfortunately. 😒

  2. The Ceej

    Oh, God! The valet… Don't ever, ever, EVER leave your car with a valet. EVER. No exceptions. That's just ASKING for your car to be damaged or stolen.

  3. Daniel Romero

    I stay in hotels for week after week only to go home Friday night and be back in a hotel Monday night. ah work 😧

  4. ketchup

    Actually many times it is more expensive to book direct at their webpage or go down and book at the desk, it is very often cheapier to use 3th party companies, weird as it sound, that is the case very often. Do not ask me why.

    Tipping? I do not think they mind that you know that secret.

  5. Havioc Darkmoon

    number 1 also some of the minibars in nicer hotels have sensors(at least in the fridge part ) that keep track of what you up picked up

  6. MikeeJ

    This dude doing the voice over must be a front desk guy for a hotel. Home boy kept saying "annnnnd slip them a 20"

  7. a. banks.

    What about the ice/machine… Why didn't he mention anything about the hotel/ice…

  8. John O Leary

    Expect first category 6 hurricane in 2018 location the Gulf of Mexico this is due to a slow down in the AMOC which is adding to ocean temperature at this location plus La Nina and a 1.8 C increase in global temperature .

  9. Ron K

    Another reason to have a hotel match 3rd party price is that it is much easier to correct errors. What typically happens is that you pay Expedia (as an example) then Expedia pays the hotel using Expedia's Virtual Credit Card. If something happens then the customer has to contact Expedia to help fix the error, Expedia has to call the hotel, and the clerk may have to call management to approve changes. It can take time to straighten out even a small error which means you are left standing in a lobby waiting. If you book via the hotel there are a lot fewer steps to make and the hotel can make corrections much faster. These 3rd party sites screw up all the time, I typically see this at least 2-3 a week and hate all the crap just as much as my guests do. Even if you do end up booking on a third party site, call the hotel and check the details of your stay well before you arrive for your stay.

  10. Mrodgt

    I didn't read through the other comments, so I might be repeating something here…but basically #6 is suggesting you keep the previous hotel guest's valuables that you find in your room?! That's pretty low. "Treasures" LOL

  11. Uriel Raven-Frost

    #3- Another issue with the cards is that they can be reset or rendered inept/useless if you put the key card next to smartphones.

  12. Olucatei

    I'm simply shocked they don't go running down the halls with the corpse yelling "yuck, look at the dead body" stopping only to have pictures of the hotel patrons taken with it, and then fill the room they died in with cement.

  13. Eguzzisme

    My friend's wife found out that her ovarian cancer came back. She was so depressed that she checked into a hotel, and committed suicide. I won't type how, but I felt so bad not only for the family, but also the poor housekeeper who found her.

  14. Daniel Relf

    Tip 6 is just ridiculous, dishonest and parasitic. How stupid and irresponsible are you to encourage people to steal. What about returning the found goods to reception as the previous guest will likely call back and appreciate the honesty. You'll also feel better at doing the right thing rather than being a parasite and living off someone else's misfortune.

  15. Kelly-Anne Gabriel

    on my way back to canada from Florida we stopped at a red roof in, after about 15 min of looking around our room in the drawer that usually has a bible , dident have a bible it had a loaded hand gun !!!! what a great trip !! thanks red roof for making sure our night was special !

  16. Sasho Windfeather

    Also don't call hotels directly for reservations. Look on their website OR call their central reservations. Because it annoys the hell out of us if you call us directly thinking we'll give you a better deal ;)

  17. Sasho Windfeather

    As a former hospitality worker, in revenue and reservations, a lot of these aren't true at all. :)

  18. John Mcnutt

    wow, this really feeds into some nonsense. completely inaccurate on pretty much all points.

  19. livi's awesome

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  20. AbRealProduction

    I don't think I'm ever going to have a situation where I'm using a hotel, but this video was very well made and very well voiced.

  21. Ruthann Amarteifio

    You didn't mention that the blankets and bedspreads are not changed between customers—
    Good info about the keys, though—

  22. Joseph silveira

    Why doesn't the hotel want the hotel want you to know about the golden key people

  23. stolen nimbus

    In January 2017, the card key system of a 4 star hotel's in Austria was infected by ransomware and it locked in/out all the guests from their rooms. The hotel had to pay a ransom of $1,800 in bitcoins to get the system unlocked. The hotel changed back to old fashion regular keys after that incident.

  24. Nto5GB

    I think you guys have missed a couple of things that not a lot of people are aware of, so I will let you in on them. #1- Maids just making the bed and not changing the blanket, sheets or the spread. This is done in a lot of hotels to save money on laundry costs. I always bring my own bedding. If you suspect that has happened to you, call and ask for a set of clean bedding. A little tip to let you know this is being done; smell the bedding and look for wrinkles. The bedding will have a 'not fresh' smell to it if it is not clean and it will look 'not fresh', trust me, you can tell if you look. #2- Just wiping the bathroom down with a wet cloth instead of sanitizing it. Again, use your nose and your eyes to tell if it has been properly cleaned. If you clean your bath at home at all, you will know if the bath has been cleaned or not. Another thing I do is to bring a can of Lysol and spray everything down before the room has ever been used. This is just a couple of things I have caught the hotels and motels doing (or not doing, as the case may be). I may be a bit picky about these things, but at least I can sleep knowing where I am sleeping is relatively clean.

  25. kenstr321

    2:002:10 why is that disturbing? Would you stop using a room in your house because someone died in it? I really don't get why this would creep someone out…

  26. Lupul Alb

    Well I agree with the fact that you should slip an attention to the front desk guy to get better room or something. But with the mini bar bill it's another . If you eat and drink the whole thing, don't brother to come again to the hotel because you will be remembered !

  27. This is An alias

    For number 1 if you have kids just blame it on them. A lot of people at the desk won't care, and most likely not charge you. Unless they have THAT look on their face. You know the look…

  28. Dan Sanger

    The front desk clerk won't do as much for the 20 bucks as the crack whore in the back alley will.

  29. NerdTechGames Inc

    I got charged 120 bucks for eating 1 snicker bar out of the mini bar :/


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