Top 10 Best & Highest Pools In the World from Luxury Hotels Cool Pools on Alux: Ever wondered which are the highest pools in the world …

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  1. Rafael Cayenne

    Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for sure. It is actually my PC/smartphone wallpaper

  2. manuel kanza

    hi☺ I love your channel and follow. Can you please do a Top 10 world best (dance) choreographers? no one in Youtube does any of these top 10 or 20 for dancers…😕…They choreographe the best musician's shows in the world specially on Tours…I hope it's not too much to ask.

  3. Md.Syful Islam

    No-05 MARINA BAY SAND 😍 i would love to take a dive in it 😍😊

  4. darth vader

    you said that in warsaw is the highest pool in europe but england is also the european


    Hey Aluxers, if you were to spend some time in one of these which one would you pick?


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