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  1. Patel Vidhu

    Video is made only using images but still good and helpful. I hope one day I will stay in one of the most luxurious hotel.

  2. Runway Alpha

    Good video – what do you think of Sofitel So Bangkok? Video tour is on my channel!

  3. Hannes M

    where is the king david hotel or the copacabana palace ?? one of the most famouse of the world

  4. adad

    In India there are more expensive hotels that Burj Al Arab or Abu Dhabi. You would be surprised how rich we are. We are richer than the Arabs. Yeah most are very poor. But we got 1.1 billion population. There are millions of millionaires .

  5. YouCantHoldOnTooLong

    4:38 – Is it actually a Jacuzzi that overlooks the Vegas Strip at the Hugh Hefner Suite?  I always thought it was a swimming pool with the Playboy bunny logo designed in it.  So now I'm confused.  Is it actually a Jacuzzi or is it a swimming pool?


  6. Esclusivia

    I really love to stay and discover luxury hotels, but this hotel is really super luxury! If u want pass through my channel, i've just upload my video of Beverly Hills Hotel it woudl be nice to have your feedback too 🙂 (u r welcome to subscribe too :-))))) 


    The burj el arab is the best hotel in the world not the Emirates palace.

  8. Leonardo González

    And thats not true, the best hotel is the burj al arab un Dubai


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