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24 Responses

  1. rajnesh chaturvedi

    1.Mandarin oriental2.whynn,3 aria4.vdara5.venetian.6plazzo7.cesars.

  2. David Lewin

    The D wouldn't be anywhere near the top five. Aria is a fantastic hotel and fully deserves to be in there.

  3. Eric Henry

    Quack!!! The D? Hilarious. I stayed their for 17 bucks … they were so desperate for guests. This place is a dive. Trust me.

  4. TheJumpAssaultHD

    Nope these are like the top 5 worse btw mgm grand is top best

  5. Crashtian

    These arent the top 5 hotels…. these are the "too cool for school" artsy hotels.

  6. Marc-Charles Nicolas

    The Venitian/Palazzo should be there.  Now the D is for low budget, It is  there only if your money is short.  The D has no place in that list, that is silly.

  7. izbo10

    any list without venetian/palazzo being in the top 3, is instantly discredited. 


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