With so many luxury hotels in Dubai, the world capital of luxury, it’s hard to stand out. The amazing royal suite of the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm …

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28 Responses

  1. Apollo

    It doesn't really scream luxury to me. It's just more like an oversized suite with u necessary bling.

  2. Marvi Marv

    Hello Luxury Fred. What camera are you using? There is a crazy fish eye effect in your video.

  3. John Stanton

    Fred, do you need someone to carry your bags? Obviously to stay with you too? Lol

  4. Frank Martin

    certanely it's bigger than my house!!!! O_O
    (with garden and garage included)

  5. Phillip Velednitskiy

    Please please PLEASE change that horrible lens. The video was amazing but it's hard to appreciate such a magnificent place when it's all warped and distorted.

  6. Apple Wang

    if you didn't use the fisheye, it will be sooooo much better. it made me so dizzy!!

  7. TheCornerZoo

    Not inviting, just big. It's very unwelcoming, not pretty, or comfy looking. Looks more like an airport waiting area.

  8. M

    As the saying goes, speak English, kiss French, drive German, dress Italian, party Caribbean, and spend Arab.


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