This video is to help you discover where to stay near Disney World for cheap. There are so many hotels in orlando near Disney World that offer deals, but Hotels …

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  1. JeevesReturns

    Even considering what you did pay it sounds pretty decent! Even Disney's value resorts go about 145 per night. Nice looking property.

  2. R. W.

    Just ridiculous!! Have to make so much to stay. THere's always a catch. Disney is an Empire. They know exactly what they're doing. Very sad

  3. just curious

    nice try you sound the ''sales pitch'' yourself!!  guess what if you want to sale a timeshare don't do it on YOUTUBE.

  4. Bazaha Bazha

    Do I really need to make 60k a year to have the deal. How they are going to find out that I
    make 60k a year

  5. Loren Sancudo

    Hi Michael! Thanks so much for the info. I just booked with Westgate and subscribed!!!! Great deal!

  6. Michael Dzurenko III

    Forgot to mention that the Smokehouse grill is fantastic, and you can have adult beverage served pool side along with pizza from the on site Pizza Hut delivered to the pool! So much fun!


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