Subscribe here: Is this the world’s cheapest hotel? Workers and tourists in Bangladesh can stay in this floating hotel for as little as 30p a …

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  1. yash k

    It is of Bangladesh not India correct your information national currency of India is rupee not taka

  2. Not That Guy

    As an American who people want to check my privilege, there are other hotels in the area with actual rooms and services for under $30 per night. I can see where this might work for some, but I would not find it a little compelling.

  3. Sossio Chierego

    why the shitties, dirtiest and non-hygienic things are always from india???? :-)

  4. SCG Niagara

    What do you want for a night's stay which costs less than a bar of chocolate…

  5. 25provo

    Yes, i would stop. It looks like a experience and i'm glad to say that i don't need a TV.

  6. AnimeOkatu

    woulda been nice if they put how much it cost with different currency in the description instead of googling it.


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